After a few weeks or months of using the advisor dashboard, you'll notice some of your members may have found jobs and are not using the platform any longer. At this point you may want to deactivate or delete these members' boards with your organization.

Which should I choose, deactivation or deletion?

By deactivating a member, you will archive the boards they have that are managed by your organization, this means no further changes or additions will be accepted for those boards, and the boards will no longer be accessible by the job seeker. Deactivation is ideal if you want to keep the job seeker's historical data and you don't mind them loosing access to their board (i.e: They've completed their job search).

Deleting a job seeker, on the other hand, cuts all ties between your organization and the user. The job seeker keeps all of their data intact and can continue managing their job search, but their account is removed from your organization and downgraded to a free Huntr account. It is important to note that the job seeker's activities, actions and any other data will be completely removed from your organization's dashboard. So, for example, the job seeker's applications will not be accounted for in historical charts or visible by your organization in any way. Deleting is ideal if you want to allow the job seeker to continue using their Huntr board as an individual and you don't mind loosing access to all of their historical data.

Here is a table explaining the differences:

How to delete a job seeker

To delete a job seeker follow these instructions:

How to deactivate a job seeker

To deactivate a specific member follow these instructions: