What are activities?

Finding your dream job takes a lot of work, Huntr helps you keep track of the work to be done through activities. Activities can be tasks that you need to do, like 'Prepare for Interview' or may represent an event that occurred during your job search like 'Offer Received'. Activities can be related to a specific job, or be independent, they are of a specific category and can have a start and end date. Here's some examples of activities popular activities our users log:

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 11.17.58 AM.png

<aside> 🗒️ - Applied to job


☑️ How to log and view activities

Activities related to an opportunity

You can log activities that are linked to a specific job by clicking on the job card and then going to the Activities tab. Some classic examples of job related activities include: Apply, Interview, Received Offer, Accepted Offer, Prep for Interview, etc.

General job search activities

For general job search activities like Meetings and Networking Events you can log these by clicking on your board's Activities section at the top and then clicking the +Activity button. Alternatively you can click the Create > Activity button at the top right of your board.

Automatic key activity logging

Huntr automatically logs new activities as you move jobs through specific stages. More specifically, Huntr will create the following activities when jobs are moved into stages where it is assumed the activity has occurred: Apply, Interview, Offer Received and Offer Accepted. Read more about this in the Moving jobs across stages section.

<aside> 📌 If an organization is sponsoring your Huntr account, then they might have setup custom activity types. Reach out to the advisor or staff member from the organization you are working with to better understand their expectations of what activities (if any) you are expected to log throughout your search.