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With enough work and a bit of luck you'll be moving job opportunities across your board's pipeline in no time. To move opportunities to new stages just drag the job card and drop it on the new stage. Alternatively, you can go to the job's detail page, hover over the Move button on the top and click the list you want to send the job to.

🤖 Automatic activity logging after moving a job

Huntr automatically logs key activities after a job is dropped into certain stages. We define the following activities as key activities: Applications, Interviews, Offers Received, Offers Accepted, and Offer Rejected. Once you've dropped a card into a stage, Huntr looks at that stage's name and decides if the stage denotes any of the key activities mentioned above.

For example, if you move an opportunity into a stage named Applied, you will notice that when you open the card details or go to the Activities view, Huntr will have automatically logged a completed Apply activity with todays date. You can always modify the date of the activity (see Logging Activities ) or delete the activity all-together if you mistakenly dropped the job onto that stage.

Automatically logging these key activities saves you time and allows Huntr to provide you with valuable data about your search including number of applications, interviews, offers and more (see Tracking performance).

<aside> 📌 If an organization is sponsoring your Huntr account, then they might have setup their own automatic activity logging rules. Reach out to the advisor or staff member from the organization you are working with to better understand any custom automatic activity logging rules they've setup.